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RETRAIN! Be transformed by the retraining of your mind – the way you think about yourself, your family, your business, your life!

Discover the Power of You!

We help you discover your “WHY”and your “WHAT” in your life.

We empower individuals, organizations and businesses into greater potential and productivity by offering comprehensive tools for self and team discovery. We provide assessments, work shops and coaching that will unlock your growth and potential – tools that are vital for team and individual growth, giving greater productivity and personal life fulfillment.

We offer services to:

Businesses – From Small to Corporate

Organizations: NGO’s and Non Profit Organisations

Schools: Primary and High, staff team building and training on Power Traits for Life™, career guidance.

Tertiary: TVET, Colleges and Universities

Private Students: Individual students – Power Traits for Life™, study tips, career guidance.

Home Schooling: Student and parent assessments, curriculum assistance, coaching.

Individuals: Personal growth and development. Discover personal potential.

Parents / Couples: Understanding your children and partner.

Trainers & Counselors: Understand your audience and clients.



RETRAIN is a South African based company and our passion for South Africa and the African Continent is at the heart of all we do.

We are passionate about helping children and adults discover their true potential and gifting. We provide keys for business, study, classroom, future learning and life success. In short, we empower students, individuals, educational facilities and businesses into greater potential and productivity.

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RETRAIN – We exist for you!
For your Growth – Potential and Productivity!


Reference – Melissa Reddy – SAB Millar