About Us

RETRAIN is a South African based company and our passion for South Africa, and the African Continent, is at the heart of all we do.

We are passionate about helping children and adults discover their true potential and gifting! We provide keys for business, study, classroom, future learning and life success. We offer comprehensive, easy to use tools, equipping students and adults for greater success.

Borne out of her family’s personal journey with struggles of unused potential, dyslexia, and “ADD”, the Founder of RETRAIN – Darleen van Tonder – set about to assist students and adults of all ages to discover their WHY and their WHAT in life- thus unlocking potential and bringing purpose, hope and fulfillment.

Darleen has 30 years of experience in cross cultural communication and training, which is at the heart of the business, always seeking opportunities for growth, potential and productivity across all cultural and socioeconomic landscapes.

She has experience in teaching, personal assessment and coaching, working with children from pre-school to Grade 12, tertiary students, individual and team training, mentoring roles, and team building.                                                                                         Her background includes team leader, project management, community development, counseling, non-profit development, fundraising, and the pioneering and establishment of two NPO’s (Inkululeko Children’s Home, and KUTITIVA FOUNDATION).

KUTITIVA FOUNDATION is the Non Profit Arm of Retrain. www.kutitiva.org

Darleen has been working in affiliation with, and as the African Licensee of Reflective Education Perspectives, LLC, for the past 15 years, as a LearningSuccess Coach and Trainer, and privately facilitating community development and upliftment into rural and urban contexts through personal assessments, training programs and coaching.

Reflective Educational Perspectives, LLC, has over 31 years of combined experience in education, remedial, special needs, educational psychology, differentiated learning assistance, adult personal and team development, business and growth programs.
Their extensive work into private and government schools, tertiary establishments, businesses, legal firms, correctional facilities and private families, assists individuals in discovering their Power Traits for Life™.

RETRAIN – We exist for you!
For your Growth – Potential and Productivity!