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Invest In Your Students



Does the child need to improve their study – and life-skills? Do you know their learning styles?

educatorS & home-school teacher, you Can understand your learners better

Do you Recognise these issues?


    • Are the students fiddling and driving you nuts while you’re trying to teach?
    • Are they disruptive and not able to sit still?
    • Are they easily distracted?
    • Are they distressed, making it difficult for them to concentrate?

      Learning Styles

      Each of us has a specific learning style 

      that comes naturally to us.

      Training With Darleen  van Tonder

      This is possible for the students

      • Each student can learn more effectively
      • You’ll be able to understand how they learn
      • You can help them improve their grades
      • They’ll be armed with this information for the rest of their lives
      • They’ll understand how they learn

      How it’ll help you:

      • The time you’ll save
      • You don’t have to fight the student’s natural tendencies
      • You’ll have less stress while teaching
      • It’ll give you peace of mind
      • You’ll understand how each student different from others and how they learn

      Bring out the best of who you are and make the most of the opportunities life offers you!

      You begin your journey with a Self Portrait Power Traits™ assessment online, followed by a 1-hour personal coaching session to unpack your results and assist you in utilizing your Power Traits™. (Skype consultations available for outside Gauteng, and South Africa) Ongoing life coaching is available with tailor-made packages.

      You’ll learn to:

      • Utilize your styles for maximum personal and professional effectiveness
      • Learn strategies to RETRAIN yourself concerning “stuck” behaviors
      • Increase skills, confidence, potential and productivity
      • Learn conflict management strategies

      Let’s GO

      work with me

      We offer learning style assessments and evaluations where we determine the core motivators for each student and teacher.

      • Teacher Assessment
      • Student Assesment
      • Parent Assesment  
      • Analysis and feedback


      We offer tailor-made options for your classroom

      Our starting point is learning style assessments for teachers, students and in some cases parents.

      This is translated into strategies for growth, peace in the classroom, student development and productivity.

      What We Do

      5 X 5 Business Solution Model

      Our comprehensive

      5×5 Business Solution Model

      covers 5 key dimensions


      1. Disposition – Personality types (5 core personality types)
      2. Modalities – Identifying your personal processing of incoming information
      3. Talents – Identifying your natural skills and abilities
      4. Interests – Identifying your greatest motivators
      5. Environmental needs – Identifying your preferred environment

      The above Model offers all-inclusive solutions with concise handles for application in the classroom environment, student and teacher development and life.

      Class configuration graphs are compiled

      and presented with strategies for development

      and greater classroom cohesion


        • Bring out the best in each student and teacher
        • Strategies for greater classroom cohesion and productivity
        • Improve parent / teacher relations
        • Improve communication skills
        • Cross cultural communication skills development
        • Conflict Management strategies
        • Build confidence and develop leadership qualities
        • Strategies for study methods in the classroom and at home

      what They’re Saying

      Client Testimonials

      Ruben Xaba is the gentleman in the video.

      Main testimonial take-away:

      The retrain program helped me identifiy my strenghts, weaknesses and helped me see where there’s room for improvement.

      It also helps my team and me improve out performance as we now understand each other better.

      I’m excited to implement what I’ve learned to improve our team and our organisation.

      Ruben Xaba

      Project Manager, Learning Alive

      I engaged RETRAIN’s services to understand the best ways to manage and provide learning and development for
      my direct reports.

      Our team dynamics and performance greatly improved after engaging Darleen’s services.

      (Excerpt -Follow the link to see full letter

      Reference – Melissa Reddy – SAB Miller

      Melissa Desiree Nel (Reddy)

      Financial Manager, SABMiller (Previous position)



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