Educational – Schools, Students, Parents

A 5×5 Student Centered

Learning Solutions Model

Our comprehensive approach covers 5 key areas:

  1. Disposition                    – Personality types (5 core personality types)
  2. Modalities                    – Identifying your personal processing of incoming information                                                (Auditory, Visual, Tactile / Kinesthetic)
  1. Talents                          – Identifying your natural skills and abilities
  2. Interests                       – Identifying your greatest motivators
  3. Environmental needs – Identifying your preferred environment

The above Model offers all-inclusive solutions with concise handles for application in the classroom, studying and life.

Schools: (Grade 1-12)

  • Assessing of teaching staff and management.
  • Workshops to unpack how your team can greater optimize their strengths and increase cohesion.
  • School management – Discover how your team thinks and operates. Their strengths, talents, personality types and processing. This assists greatly in conflict management, growth and productivity
  • Teachers – We offer you tools to increase your productivity in your class, with classroom management techniques and ultimately to save you time!                                                A Self Portrait™ assessment per team member is followed by staff team development through workshops and coaching.
  • Students – Our Self Portrait™ assessments assist children discover who they are – their “why” and their “what. Study techniques, subject choice, career guidance assistance, valuable life skills through personal development, ADD and ADHD support.
  • Assessing of students and their teacher, with follow up training per class assists the students with discovering who they are and how they learn / study. The teacher is equipped to understand their students better for increased performance.

Tertiary: Colleges and Universities – Assessments, personal coaching, team building

Private: Individuals from school to adult – learning styles, study tips, career guidance.

Home Schooling: With a Self Portrait™ assessment of the students and teacher, we offer differentiated learning curriculum guidance, subject choice, career guidance and tools to assist you and your children in your Home school journey.

Discovering and applying the differentiated learning techniques of your children increases their productivity and results.

Parenting workshops: Tailor made

  • ADD / ADHD? Talk to us!

learning styles

Mrs.E Day,

Social Worker (Pretoria, South Africa)

Darleen’s RETRAIN programme is excellent- I have seen her work with adults and how she helps her client’s understand something of their own techniques of learning and processing, and I could see that there was an “aha” moment” when they were able to link their idiosyncrasies with the assessment
findings and preferences.

My daughter (16) did the Personal PortraitT assessment through RETRAIN and she has often referred to the feedback that she was given by Darleen. It has helped her make sense of her individuality and find a way of learning that “fits” with who she is.

Darleen engages positively with her clients and her enthusiasm provides encouragement, positive feedback and builds self-esteem. I would highly recommend her and the RETRAIN assessment for adults and children.

Joanita Radivoev – South Africa

We decided to assess our girls’ learning styles in order to better understand them as individuals and also to help them with school work.
Darleen’s passion for learning styles and helping people to be the best they can be encouraged me to start seeing people’s uniqueness in everyone I deal with. Her knowledge and experience on the subject is extraordinary and she already helped me so much in dealing with my own family on a daily basis.

Darleen is professional and always has time to answer questions and explain things. After completing the observational profiles Darleen spent a few hours with my husband and I to explain the feedback and implications of our children’s learning style outcomes. She could give us concrete examples of how other people dealt with similar situations and also provided us with suggestions on how to work with our children, how to encourage them and even what their learning environment should look like. The report that followed reiterated the discussion and can be used to help the children’s teachers to assist them with learning in the classroom.

I would definitely recommend Darleen’s company – RETRAIN – to anyone (young and old, schooled, professional or even home-schooled) who would like to improve the way they learn.